Natural Fitness Eco-Smart Yoga Mat

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Naturally Beautiful & Smart, Too

The discipline of Yoga is derived from a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline that combines breath control, meditation, postures and a philosophy based on a peaceful and healthful world. Shouldn’t your Yoga Mat reflect that same commitment? We think so, which is why we offer the Natural Fitness Eco-Smart Yoga Mat. The mat is made from a state-of-the-art Polymer Environmental Resin (PER) that’s safer for the Earth and you too. Beautiful inside and out, the Eco-Smart mat provides excellent non-slip traction without containing harmful phthalates or toxic chemicals. It’s the yoga mat you can feel good about.

Eco-Smart Yoga Mat Features

  • Eco-friendly and health-conscious.
  • Made of Polymer Environmental Resin (PER).
  • PVC-, phthalate- and latex-free.
  • Non-slip traction.
  • Thickness/colors: 4 mm (Indigo/Aqua or Moss/Night) and 6 mm (Orange/Red Rock).
  • Dimensions: 24” x 69”.


4 mm